Hello guys!!! I know I’m writing after a long long time ……… God it’s been ages! I’m so sorry ! Well, the good part is I have read a lot of books, I’m proud of myself for that . Hope you guys read amazing books too (tell me in the comments :)) The past few weeks flew by very fast and now we’re back to school and its raining …….. like really really really heavily. I love the rain but maybe not school so much …… yeah.

So today I’m going to be reviewing CINDER BY MARISSA MEYER!!!! I just finished reading this book and well you could say I enjoyed it!! So the book is based in New Beijing and is about a cyborg , a body with mechanical parts , Cinder who lives with her legal guardian Linh Adri and two step sisters : Pearl and Peony . Cinder and Iko , Cinder’s android partner and only friend, have a stall at the local market ……. did I mention that Cinder is a mechanic? There is a incurable disease running through Eastern Commonwealth , Letumosis .Suddenly when a loved one is affected by this disease her world turns upside down .  She thinks she is just another cyborg who is being controlled by her cruel stepmother but little does she know that she is very important . She may not feel so but she definitely is . Will she be able to make the right decisions in the right time or will her choices ruin everything?

There are a few other important people in this book, Prince Kaito would be one of them . Also called Prince Kai. He is the Prince of Eastern Commonwealth . He meets Cinder when he when taking his personal android to be repaired . He soon develops feelings for her . I kind of pity Prince Kai because his life is just one mess and he can’t really do anything about it.

The ‘ villian ‘ of this book would be Queen Levana . She is the Queen of The Lunas or ‘the creatures of the moon’ . She is one of the reasons of the existence of The Plague. She uses her powerful glamour to force people to do her bidding.She’s evil……..well, obviously!

There is also Dr. Erland who works in the palace as a Letumosis researcher who is looking for an antidote to The Plague. He ,I would say, is the most interesting character in the book .

Yes, This story is pretty much based on Cinderella …..well, Cinder…… yeah. but its not really like Cinderella except the stepmother , the stepsisters , the Prince and The Annual Ball ……… okay .I agree it is pretty similar ,  but the Lunars that’s a completely different thing . I really liked this book …… there is so much sarcasm in this ……..not a lot but yes…!

I felt the book was short , maybe that was because I liked . I also felt it was a bit predictable because I figured out the plot before I even reached the part where the secret is revealed . But despite all that it’s actually a pretty good book the characters are kind of different and it’s based in the future but it’s not like most of the other future based books, it’s different .

This series is basically a set of fairy tales because well , the first one Cinder : Cinderella , the second book Scarlet is based on Little Red Riding hood (I never liked her much …. I don’t even know why , probably because she got fooled by a fox ;)). The third book is Cress which is based on Rapunzel . ( I love her the lunar chronicles

fairest winter

I really liked the book covers especially Winter , which the book  has not released yet. I have read only the first book and I’m really looking forward to reading the second book mainly because the first book ends on a kind of cliffhanger .

I think I would give Cinder a good 4 out of 5!!

I hope you have an amazing week ahead , Keep reading and also tell me in the comments below your thoughts about the book ! Bye See you next week!



THE RED QUEEN- VICTORIA AVEYARD (snowleopardsarecool)



I am back from France (truly one of the best things in my life) !!!! And Now I am back to posting. Well I was back more than 2 weeks ago but then I had to go visit my grandparents and school started (boo) and everything has been busy. But I promised myself that I would come about to write a blog post and during all this craziness because I have been reading a lot of books these days (what do you do when your grandparents don’t have wifi) and I have all these thoughts that are about to explode. I am in a state of thought diarrhea.That sounded better in my brain.

So the book I am going to review today was definitely not my most favourite YA novel at the moment but I saw it on Goodreads with just the most beautiful cover and I just couldn’t resist reading it. And before any of you say you judged a book by its cover you cannot deny that you do it too. Everyone does it and honestly what’s wrong with that? So presenting the majestic Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

red queen1


So if you don’t know what the book is about, It is about a world in which people are divided by their blood colour-the ‘reds’ and the ‘silvers’.The silvers live a life filled with luxuries and wealth whereas the reds are poverty struck folk who work till their limbs bleed. Why, you may ask, are the silvers considered superior to the reds? It’s because the silvers are blessed with supernatural powers like controlling fire, water, mindreading and many more.Thus the reds are considered inferior because the silvers can control them with their powers. The story follows a red teenage girl- Mare. She has lived her entire life as a red- stealing pennies to survive, not having luxuries and constantly nagged by her parents. Until one incident changes it all. Soon Mare discovers that she has supernatural powers -more reckless and uncontrollable than ever. She finds herself among the royal silver family posing to be a long lost princess. And with a dangerous rebellion right around the corner, Mare must make decisions but one thing is for sure- there will be betrayal and bloodshed.

This book is the first book in a series.

redqueen 2

This book without a doubt IS GOING TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A VULNERABLE FIVE YEAR OLD. The plot twists in this book has broken all kinds off charts and has left a lot of readers feeling a lot of feelings. From abandonment to just absolute glee this book is definitely not for light hearted readers. And I really liked the fact that the plot twists made sense and wasn’t there just for the sake of plot twists. Many authors do that these days just to in the name of an ‘unexpected’ aspect. It is really annoying since sometimes the plot twists don’t leave you surprised, It leaves you confused and bewildered since it is forced upon you. This book is intense and compelling and really a page turner.

Honestly if you start reading it you will finish it in one big gulp. The book leaves you with so many jaw-drops and eye-pops. You can feel the pages fly by. The book is very simple and cleanly written and Aveyard does such an amazing job describing each of the characters emotions perfectly. The emotions of injustice and rebelling are truly mature and not childish. They are raw and genuine and one quality that isn’t there in many YA novels -pedestrian emotions. Emotions that we all can relate to.

red queen 3

But the biggest surprise was not all the cool battles and cold behaviors it was the BETRAYAL.THE BETRAYAL IS SO HEART WRENCHINGLY TERRIFYING. MY REACTION THROUGHT THE ENTIRE BOOK WAS



I will do my best to  make this a non spoiler review.

But saying this for a reader who has read lots of books and know all the classic cliches, the betrayals were kind of predictable. Because the most used phrase in the book is ‘anyone can betray anyone’ and so you are kind of expecting something crazy to happen. But to a reader that has not read many novels, it will be a great experience of torture. In a good way.

.red queen b

The characters I felt were very simple yet interesting. You have the mischievous Mare who is bold and confident with herself. As a protagonists she was very interesting yet not too over the top. Then we have the adorable royal brothers- Maven and Cal. Cal was rather plain compared to his brother Maven who is so complex and has different layers. He was a hard nut to crack and that is why I think he is one of my favourites. Cause everyone loves a mysterious outcast. I know that there are some Cal fangirls too but I just find myself so intrigued my Maven’s complexity. But I have to say my favourite was Julien just cause I love intelligent YA characters (they are a rare species). He is a old, broken man that all readers learn to love. And I hate saying this but even the cold queen had her moments. Her villainous approach was fascinating in a terrible queen c

And some of you might be confused by now because I spoke very positively even though I said this to be not one of my favourites. And it is not because of the storyline or characters. It is because of the theme. The theme was very generic. It was a very cliche YA novel with ‘the normal girl who turns out to have powers’ and “a rising rebellion” and “she must make decisions’. I feel like I read this in the summary of every YA novel. And I am sick of it. And it is so unfortunate because her writing and story line was so good and if she releases a book outside this series with a more unique idea I would definitely read it. I feel really bad saying this about such a nice author but originality is always my top priority in anything so sorry Victoria Aveyard you failed to please me.

Okay that was a bit TOO far.

But anyways give this book a try if you don’t read YA much. It would be a great experience. And to people who read YA, read it if your a cool hipster who likes criticising books.

I rate this 2.9 out of 5 snowleopards.




HELLO ALL YOU AMAZING PEOPLE OUT THERE!! Today, I felt like doing this tag which I found on bookishshimmycaster (who, I feel, has an amazing sense of humour) and I just found it super hilarious and I thought it would be really fun to do!

So, there are three rules to this tag- 1) Pick any five books randomly (or not randomly, your choice), 2) The first name you see when you flip open the book on a random page, will be the person who is the answer to the question. And 3) Each of the book must answer two questions.

Let’s get started!!

So these are the five books I have chosen-




Maxon Schreave from The Selection. Okay…. I have mixed feelings about this…. I doubt there will be much loss with him gone, except for the fact that the world just lost a prince. Tell you what, I am okay with that. Not happy but it’s okay. Good bye Maxon! It was a pleasure to be in a group against zombies with you. I am sure you death was a noble one and we are all very grateful for your time with us. 🙂



I am sorry Park.

I really am.

Like VERY sorry.

Nothing personal.

I am sorry.


Simon Lewis from City Of Bones. WHAT IS GOING ON??!!! NOT SIMON!!! PLEASE NOT SIMON!! HE HAS HAD ENOUGH OF TRANSFORMATIONS!!!! *dies of heart attack and unbelievableness*


OK…. This one is just weird…….Like REALLY weird…….. So person, or in this case, animal who trips me to escape from a zombie is……..Church from City Of Bones. …….. This is…… No comment.


(Is it possible for cats to trip someone to get away from zombies?)


Ben Parish from The 5th Wave. WHAT?????!!!! Okay calm down.



I think I going to get an actual heart attack because of these answers.


America Singer from The Selection.


That’s it.

I’m going.

I don’t even care if I become a zombie because I might as well be dead if the survival of our team depends on the brains of America Singer.



AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WHY DOES FATE HAVE TO BE SO CRUEL TO ME!!!??!! Guys……….. the team’s medic is……… Richie from Eleanor and Park.





*dies again*


YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Even though he is not a weapons expert I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE HIM IN THE TEAM. That person is……. MAGNUS BANE from Clockwork Princess!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOO HAPPPY. 😀 😀 😀


Vosch from The 5th Wave. Wow…. of course the devil would be on my team. That’s a very good role for him I guess…

DIX) THE TEAM CAPTAIN? (AKA The person who you depend on to survive, so hopefully I get someone smart)

Benedict Lightwood from Clockwork Princess.

Oh great.


It’s official.

My team sucks.

I will not be surviving.

Thank you for your company Magnus. It was really appreciated.


So guys, that was my team and…………

So those were the answers to the questions!! Even though I am shocked and slightly happy, angry and surprisingly alive, I had a lot of fun with this tag. I am not tagging anyone in particular, so if you want to do this tag, DO IT!!! ITS TONS OF FUN!! I would really like to see your answers!!

So that was it for this post. Hope you all enjoyed it!! This is TGIS and I will be back soon with another post!!

Bye!! 😀 ❤ 😀 ❤ 😀 ❤


Hey all you amazing people out there!! As you all probably might have known, ABC Family is making a TV adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments. I am not really sure if the TV show is going to be just about TMI and not The Infernal Devices, but the name ‘Shadowhunters’ doesn’t really specify that, so I am hoping they include all of Cass’ books, because, come on THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. In case you feel, my writing is rushed, I’m sorry. It’s just that I have found just ten minutes ago that the roles of Isabelle and Simon have been cast. So…. SOMEONE HELP ME I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!!

So that means that three characters have been cast. Jace, Simon and Isabelle.

In case you missed it, Jace is going to be played by- DOMINIC SHERWOOD. Since I have not watched the Vampire Academy movie (I have not read the books, trust me, I want to), I didn’t know it before, but if you have watched it, you might recognise him as Christian Ozera. I recognised Dominic only because he was in Taylor Swift’s Style video. And I think he will make a good Jace. Like, I really do believe he will make a good Jace. And if you think he looks a bit too old for the character, then that is because the ages are being increased to 18 in the TV show. Which, I think, doesn’t make any major changes to the plot.

Them eyes though...

Them eyes though…

Then, I was on the internet earlier on and there were these headlines which were like ‘Simon and Isabelle casting for Shadowhunters TV show.’ So naturally, like a sane person, I went OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH MMMYYYYYYYYYYY GGGGOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!!! And yes, that is normal under circumstances like these. 🙂

So the characters of Simon and Isabelle are played by- (drumroll please) ALBERTO ROSENDE and EMERAUDE TOUBIA.


My first reaction- OK…. WHO ON EARTH ARE YOU PEOPLE!!!??? Truth- I have never EVER heard of them before so obviously I had no idea who they were. And, truth- I didn’t really care. To me, they were the people who were playing two of the many amazing characters in TMI.

First impression on Alberto- ‘OK……….. I …….. A….. He doesn’t look anything like how I imagined Simon to be!! Like this ain’t a mistake, right?’ And no, it wasn’t a mistake. Guys, honest opinion- I’m really doubtful and hesitant of him playing Simon because I just don’t see it. But who knows, maybe he’ll have a drastic makeover into Simon and maybe he’ll fit the role. I guess we just have to wait and see and be patient. (And if you know me, one thing which I definitely am NOT is patient.)

First impression on Emeraude- ‘Hmm……. I can actually see a bit of Isabelle….. Hmm…’ Once again, I was doubtful but at the same time I was like, ok, she might actually be a good Isabelle. So you can say I am actually happy with the casting for the role of Izzy.


This is just a quick post for y’all, and I really want to know your opinions on the casting, so feel free to share them!! 😀

Now, I am just excited to know who plays Clary and all the others…. SO EXCITED!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this post!! This is TGIS who is now in fangirling mode. So bye for now and I’ll see you soon with another post!! 😀 😀



HELLO ALL YOU AMAZING PEOPLE OUT THERE!! How is your day going? Hopefully, good. But if it isn’t, then do something which will make you think,’Even though my day was horrible, at the least I did ______ which made me happy, even if it was for a few minutes.’ Because you can’t let a horrible day take over your happiness, can you? So cheer up and SMILE!! 😀 😀

Or swoon....... :P

Or swoon……. 😛

Today, I am going to be reviewing a book which is absolutely LOVED by the majority of those who have read it and I have just heard SO many good things about this book, and trust me when I say my expectations were met. Without any further ado, let me tell you the name of the book (even though you already know it)- Eleanor & Park, written by the amazing Rainbow Rowell!! And Oh. My. Goodness. This. Book. I. Can’t. Even. AAAAHHHH!! Ok, I need to stop grinning like an absolute fool with hearts floating on top of my head and get on with this review. AAAAHHHH!!! I need a moment. So meanwhile you can stare at this picture of an adorable puppy, while I stop myself from fangirling.


Great. Now I can’t stop staring at this puppy. WHY AM I SO DISTRACTED TODAY!!??

So anyways, Eleanor & Park is about our main characters, Eleanor and Park (that is not obvious at all 😛 ) who are two sixteen year olds and they fall in love for the first time. Sounds simple right? Not really…

Eleanor Douglas is the awkward, new girl in town who tries so hard to not stand out in the crowd but it is almost impossible for her to do so with her mismatched clothes and wild red hair. She has been abandoned by both, her mother and father, though in different ways. Eleanor is the type of girl who has a hard exterior, blocking everyone away, and hiding the truth about her and her family. But on the inside, she needs someone to understand her and be on her side, unlike others who have left her. Eleanor is different from the other kids in her school and she knows she doesn’t fit in, but she doesn’t let that fact pull her down and give up, the way her mother did. Instead she accepts and embraces the fact. Maybe that’s why Park likes her.

Park Sheridan is the half Korean, half Irish boy in the back of the bus, who listens to music not just to drown himself in it, but also to drown the voices of the obnoxious, popular kids in the back of the bus. He always wears black and shirts with logos of his favourite bands. He is the odd one out in his family, with both his father and brother being tall and strong. Sometimes, he just wants to get away from the world and block out all the noises and pressures of the world. He didn’t mind being the odd one out in his family, even though it was frustrating at times. He wanted to listen to music, obsess over bands and read comic books, not caring what others thought of him, and doing what he felt was right. Maybe that’s why Eleanor likes him.

A story about two young people falling in love for the first time, even with all the struggles and problems around them, Eleanor & Park is a book about friendship, family, romance (duh) and most of all (for me), hope. Sometimes, when you feel everything in your world is falling apart, or when you feel that life can offer you so much more, if you get the chance to light the candle of your happiness, you need to take risks and let the flame burn, for sometimes, the flame can burn more brightly than you could ever imagine.


Characters– Out of all the characters in the book, the one person who I liked and adored more than the others was Park. He just seemed the most normal out of all others in the whole book. I just loved the way he shrugged off the world with his music and comics, and Rainbow Rowell truly let every bit of Park’s personality shine out in the book. And another fact which made me enjoy his character was that his life was actually relatable and understandable, and you could connect with his character. I mean, there are a long list of words I would use to describe Park- Amazing, awesome, daring, glorious, understanding, cute, kind- hearted… Trust me, the list goes on and on. Throughout the whole story, we get to all the different sides of him, sometimes even sides we didn’t expect and his personality couldn’t have been more perfect.

Then we get to Eleanor. Even Eleanor’s story was relatable and understandable, and just because I like Park, doesn’t mean I hate Eleanor. BUT there were some distinct points in the book where I just went,’GIRL, YOU HAVE SOME MAJOR TRUST ISSUES SO GET OUT OF THE BOOK AND DARE YOU COME BACK UNTIL YOU’VE GOT THEM ALL SORTED OUT!!’ And as rude as I felt I was being by thinking that, it was true. I just got so annoyed with Eleanor in some parts, and I wanted to go inside the book (that would be cool) and shake her shoulders and make her get back to her senses and tell her to stop acting like a fool. Great. Now it sounds like I hate her. I don’t hate her, guys. It’s just what I felt about her character and personality at certain parts in the book. I felt that Rainbow Rowell made Eleanor’s character sound helpless in some situations, when she clearly wasn’t. But then, other than those certain parts, I admired Eleanor’s personality. Her personality was just so strong and fierce and she wasn’t scared of doing the right thing, no matter the consequences. She cared for her mother and her siblings and all she wanted to do was protect them. She was so strong throughout the book, even during the breaking points, even when she doubted herself. So for the main characters, I’m going to say this: I ADORED Park’s personality and I ADMIRED Eleanor’s personality.

Throughout the whole story, parents played a very important part in the book. Park’s parents and Eleanor’s parents are VERY different from each other. VERY. And the difference too played an important part. The parents were the reason behind the development and personalities of the main characters. And out of them all, for me, Park’s mom, Mindy shot through the most. I was completely intrigued by her character and her personality and her opinions. I really wanted to what she was thinking in some parts of the book, and she definitely played (at least for me) an important part in the book.

Overall, I felt Rainbow Rowell did a fantastic job with the characters and their personalities, and I can’t imagine imagine the characters any different than what she made them to be. 🙂


Storyline– I LOVED the storyline. Some may think,’Oh, what’s so special when it’s just the same old, girl with broken family falls in love a guy and blah blah blah.’ But I felt that the story was more than that. Every scene and every incident meant something, and they played at least some part or other in the romance between Eleanor and Park. Every conversation, every talk about comic books had importance. This book also faced realistic facts about what teenagers are going through today (even if the book took place in 1986) such as bullying and even insecurities. I also felt that this book gave me hope, because even when things were falling apart, I was constantly wishing for them and believing in them. So, I felt that the storyline was just amazing and I would never ever want to change it or want something different. This book was just one of those rollercoasters where you don’t know when the next drop would come and when it does come, you can’t help but go through a surge of emotions, each very different than the other. 🙂


Narration– This book is narrated in third person past tense and the third person describes the story through Park’s and Eleanor’s eyes in the different segments. I love third person narration, mostly because you get to know what the other characters are feeling too, and I thoroughly enjoyed the narration in Eleanor and Park. Even if you are a person who doesn’t like third person narration, you should definitely give the book a try because I feel you can look beyond that and enjoy the story. 🙂


Rating– AAAHHH!!! This is so hard!! *pulls hair and makes a weird frustrated expression* Ok, so I enjoyed the book and even if it didn’t exceed my expectations, it certainly did meet my expectations, so I am going to rate this book *drumroll please*…….. 4.4 out of 5!! 🙂

Would I Recommend?- YES!! DEFINITELY!! I think that if you know someone who has an enmity to contemporary books, or someone who just needs a good contemporary book to help get into reading, then I would definitely suggest this book!! 😀 Or if you are someone who just needs to read a good book which will go through really fast and will just take you on an adventure then…. yup!! You should definitely read the book!! 😀 But even if none of the situations fit you, please give the book a try, because who knows, it might end up being a favourite because the book is just so good!! 🙂

A Question To Those Who Have Read The Book (so if you have not read the book or you are still still reading it, then PLEASE skip this………………………)- If you are still reading this and you have not read the book, don’t say I didn’t warn you. GUYS!! Am I the only one who had a heart attack after the ending???? I mean, I was just staring at the book for five minutes non stop just like,’No no no no no no no!! The book can’t end now!! So my question was (and you might have expected it)- What do you think the three words are? My first instinct was I love you, and that would have been amazing, but surely Rainbow Rowell wouldn’t have made it so predictable? Then I thought it could be nothing ever ends if Eleanor read the final issue of Watchman (is that the comic’s name?). But we will never know for sure. So I want to ask you what you thought the words are. Was it the same as what I thought or was it something different? Let me know. 🙂 (And that was way more than one question.)

Book/s Written By The Author I Want To Read


I want to read Attachments soo badly because I absolutely love the plot and some people say it’s even better than Eleanor and Park. If that’s the case then I’M INTERESTED!! 😀 😀 And also, WHO ELSE CAN’T WAIT FOR CARRY ON TO RELEASE?? SOOOO EXCITED!!! 😀 😀


Hope you all enjoyed this review!! 😀 This is TGIS and I will be back soon with another post for all you beautiful people!! 😀

So, bye till then and HAPPY READING!! 😀 ❤ 😀 ❤ 😀 ❤

THE YOUNG ELITES – MARIE LU (snowleopardsarecool)

HELLO GUYS!!! How was your week??? Mine was mostly very busy because I was packing and shopping a lot for my trip to FRANCE!!! I am so excited because France has been on my bucket list for a LONG time and I am REALLY looking forward to it.Paris_Eiffel-2

So due to my trip I won’t be able to post for perhaps two weeks and I am so disappointed because have been reading some great books recently and I wanted to talk about it. But C’est la vie right? I think I am a bit too excited for France….. And that is also the reason for me posting on a Saturday instead of my usual day that is the very horrid Monday. Sorry about that… So getting back to the review.I recently bought a book which is still very new (I like new books okay!!) and has been getting lots of hype in the book community because the author of this book is a bestselling author. And she wrote the amazing Legend series. If you have not guessed by now I am talking about Marie Lu and her newest book THE YOUNG ELITES!

the young elites 1

This book is VERY different from Marie Lu other works as this is actually set in the past so it is kind of like historical fiction. The book follows the story of a sixteen year old girl- Adelina Amouteru who survived the deadly blood fever that swept through her entire nation a decade ago .Everyone who survived the blood fever have a marking that represents their survival. Adelina now has silver hair and a huge scare in place of her left eye. Many citizens believe the survivors to be abominations and just outcasts who deserve to go to hell. But there are rumours spreading that the fever survivors posses more than just scars-They are believed to have mysterious and powerful gifts. Powers that are beyond their wildest imagination. And though their identities remain a secret they have come to be called The Young Elites. It is the story of three young elites- Teren Santaro, Enzo Valenciano and Adelina whose paths cross in the most unusual ways. But one thing is for sure- Adelina”s powers have the capability to change the history of The Young Elites forever.

Where do I even start? Marie Lu is such an incredible author. Her writing in this book is so beautiful. Her writing is so perfect for the young adult genre. She does such a great job keeping the story simple yet very complicated. Calm yet very exciting and beautiful but yet ugly. And it was so incredible to see her out of her comfort zone on YA and tackling a fantasy book and may I say that she nailed it. The book was so intense and dark. It had such an mysterious and unpredictable aura to it that rises curiosity in readers. And what surprised me the most was that Lu actually made the protagonist an anti hero. And she truly captured the slightly disturbing yet interesting characteristics of an anti hero.the young elites 2 Adelina was very……compelling. Compelling in a way that made me slightly uncomfortable at times. Her character had such depth to it. But she is the protagonist and protagonists have to always be annoying. Her indecisive nature made me just want to tear the book apart. Choose one side because whatever you choose does not really matter since literally everyone is fighting for you and you are going to be treated well on either side. But at the same time I also agreed with her views on being used since that is what made the book 10 times more interesting. But her thoughts were slightly disturbing. One minute she wanted to save everyone and the other minute she wanted to bring torture to the world just for her pleasure. Her darkness really makes you think. Is it bad to want revenge? Is it bad to feel joy while bringing pain and fear into others? Well that is an anti hero for you.the young elites 3 The book is in third person so you really see whats going on in everyone’s minds since EVERY I repeat EVERY character is so complex and everyone has their share of despair and tragedy. But every character, even Adelina who is the protagonist, was not revealing everything. They would tell their back story’s but not reveal the emotions. They would do actions but not reveal the reasons. And that just made It so much more captivating. But sometimes you can’t help but wish for more insights on their characters. For example Teren’s character was so incredible and his story had SO much potential .But instead of that we just got figments. Maybe Marie Lu is just trolling us and we get insights on everybodies character in later books since this is going to be a series!the young elites 4 And the whole idea of different cities and maps in the front of book made my heart SING!!!! Most of the time when they mentioned a new place, ‘A whole new world’ from Aladdin was playing in my brain. The characters were so dramatic but there was always Raphaele to lighten the mood making him my favourite character. The whole idea about him being the messenger and his friendship with Enzo was so adorable and how he took care of Adelina when she first came in to the dagger society was just so amazing. But as much I liked the characters I only had an admiration for them. I admired their stories and their nature. But I did not connect with them like I did with other fictional characters. When Lu killed one of the characters ( I wont tell which cause I want to make it a spoiler free review) I definitely felt sad. I felt that I would miss them. But only for their personality and strength and not for their…presence. Can you guys understand or am I just crazy? For example when Fred died in harry potter ( if you think that is a spoiler you have some major reading to do) I knew that I wouldn’t miss just his jokes. I would miss the assurance that he is safe with his brother and can grow old and live happily ever after. I did not feel that with characters with this book. Maybe I feel this because I have not really been on such a long journey with these character as this is only the first book.

But overall a great book and I have a feeling that this is going to be a great series I would rate it 4 out of 5 snowleopards. Anyways Bye guys and see you a couple of weeks later!!!!! 1345479465-merci-et-au-revoir remind me to never talk in french again

The DUFF – 1Dforlife

Hello Everybody!!!

How’s your week been so far? Hope it was fun because mine definitely was! 🙂 Firstly,I spent a lot of time with my friends , we all know time spent with friends (or reading ) is time spent well 🙂 . Even though it’s reallllyyy hot here , it’s been a good week 🙂 .

This past week I read a new book so…………yay!!! . I read The DUFF!!! I’ve wanted to read this book since a long time . ( to be honest since I found out there was a movie based on this book and Robbie Amell was a part of it , I wanted to read it :))

the duff

The story revolves around the life of Bianca Piper (her name…….if you’ve read the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series then you know what I’m talking about :)) . She is a normal girl who is trying to survive school along with two of her best friends :  Casey Cordero and Jessica Harris . She knows both her friends are prettier than her by a mile but she wasn’t very concerned about it until Wesley Rush ( a reallyy good looking guy ) comes over and starts talking to her and tells her that she is the DUFF – Designated ugly Fat Friend of her group . he explains to her that there is one in every group and he/she is the approachable one , who people always use as a method to talk to the more attractive ones . He also tells her that even he is using her as a medium to reach out to Casey and Jessica . She obviously gets mad at him and throws a glass of cherry Coke at him (beautiful :)) . Even though she tries denying the fact that she is bothered by him calling her a DUFF she fails , instead she just accepts the fact as it is 🙂 . She has hated Wesley all along and now she hates him even more ………………….. or not . She is growing surprisingly close to Wesley but she still has a crush on this guy called Toby Tucker (who she has had a crush on since forever!) and he is starting to consider her as a friend . While she and Wesley are getting closer , she is getting further away from her best friends. Her life is a mess! Will she be able to get everything together ? Does she accept the fact that she is developing a liking for Wesley?

This book is definitely a Chick-lit. So it’s a hilarious and drama-filled . It’s kinda like a break from all these supernatural and contemporary books , it’s a kind of book which is much more appreciated in movie form . The author of this book is Kody Keplinger , wrote this book at the age of 17 . She wrote the book based on her personal experiences .

This book was made into a movie but the movie is very different compared to the book .

duff movie

In the movie Wesley and Bianca are childhood friends and her mother stays with her but in the book it’s the other way around . But in the movie Robbie Amell plays the role of Wesley , who is a pretty charming person

robbie amell

He was part of the TV show The Tomorrow People , I love that show!!! . He plays the role of Stephen Jameson , the first season is over and now I’m just waiting for the second , which I guess has been cancelled but the first season ended with a cliff hanger . So back to The DUFF . Wesley Rush is a playful , charming high school boy .

NOTE : The characters are sort of different in the book and movie , except like… their names . On the whole , The movie and book are not very similar .

This book is light headed kind of thing………. if you know what I mean. it was like a break from all the supernatural stuff , don’t get me wrong I looove supernatural and magical stuff but this is something different and nice 🙂

I would rate this book a 3.2 out of 5 , which is pretty good for a chick-lit!

I  have sooooo many more books to read and soo little time . Ugggghhhhh!!! Also I’m going on a vacation for two – three weeks so I don’t think I’ll be able to upload . Sorry!


Happy Reading!!!! See you in three weeks!!!