Welcome to another Monday post! How was your week? Mine was actually quite exciting. Oh you know just CASUALLY watched the last movie of one of the BEST franchises in YA history. TOTALLY CALM.

So here I am, stepping out of my comfort zone, dishing you with the details of one of the most anticipated movies this year and telling if they did any justice for the movie.

Actually my experience with the movie was somewhat of a mess. I had promised *1dforlife that I would go with her for the movie but due to some difficulties I ditched her and went to savour the movie myself. I am such an amazing friend aren’t I? So I had gone into this movie with high expectations because not only was it one of my favourite series’ (which unfortunately was coming to an end) but I also risked my life by going for this movie without 1dforlife. Don’t underestimate her wrath. So was the final fruit worth climbing the tree?

Unfortunately the fruit was way more sour than expected.

Now the graphics and the directing of the movie was top notch and really made my jaw drop. From the crazy explosions, to those horrifying mutts,  to the overall setting , everything screamed high budget. Even the cast and crew were pretty high on the popularity list (hello? Oscar winning actress?)  The complete excitement factor was there. The tone, even though somewhat disappointing, still managed to keep you anticipated. The directing could blow your socks away.You could see from the quality of the movie that lots of sweat and blood went into creating it. The best part about the movie was that it stayed PRETTY true to the book and didn’t ruin any scenes. That is a very hard task and I am so incredibly happy that they didn’t cut any important facts and scenes. *Ahem* Percy Jackson.

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But that was all  I found interesting in the movie.

The pace of the movie was not uniform. It was like an Indian road – bumpy and messed up. The timing was off and slightly confusing. And due to this, the layering of the action scenes weren’t clean cut like in the previous  movies. And what was up with all those dramatic stares? Majority of the movie was mainly staring dramatically into oblivion.It was, to some extent, winding up to be boring. I was let down by the fact that rather than focusing on the emotions of the characters, the lion’s share was given to the special effects. That is also an important aspect but the emotions is what attracts the audience. It gives them a sense of relativity and insight on how the characters mind works.Even the major deaths were not given much importance.This is definitely going to anger some fans.

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The framework and and stability of the movie was pretty solid. But for people who have not read the books, they would be utterly confused. Then again most book to movie adaptations are like that.But because of this issue they are losing lots of potential not-read-the-books audience My mom had come with me and when the movie ended she turned towards me and asked ‘What just happened?’ with a perplexed look on her face. Now she says she regrets coming to the movie.

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The ending was adequately good but not ICONIC. It wasn’t one of those endings that left an impact on your heart. It didn’t give the sense of nostalgia and satisfaction. It was just there and the dialogue was kind of forced. The feeling I got from reading the book was not delivered here. They coul have added some prominent segments of the series towards the end rather than just blandly ending it. I didn’t get to see the creative aspect of the movie. Nevertheless I can still live with the half baked ending because at least they didn’t cut out the important chunks from the book.

Comprehensively I could say that it was a good movie. But it wasn’t EPIC like I wanted it to be. But even with my harsh criticism, every hunger games fan should definitely watch it. Share what you thought about the movie in the comments!

I rate it 2 snow leopards out of 5

Thanks for reading and see y’all next week!


*1dforlife is another content provider for this blog









4 thoughts on “THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2- MOVIE REVIEW ( snowleopardsarecool)

  1. GAH I NEED TO SEE THE MOVIE!! I’m expecting it to be like HP in a sense that after everything, it will leave you hollow but filled (does that make sense??). What I mean is Mockingjay should have at least left a mark but alas, there’s none (based on what you and many others said). But well I really really have to see it for myself! 😀

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  2. YEEESSS!! I mean it definitely did not deliver the feels that HP provides (now that was a legendary ending!) but it still somewhat left somewhat of a mark….I mean its best to go into this movie without expectations. It’s the hype that ruined it for me 🙂


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