LONG TIME NO POST! We have really been trying to get time off but it seems next to impossible now. But seeing all your wonderful comments really pushed us to take this more seriously and we hope you guys , in the near future, see  more committed series of posts.

So how was your week? Read any new books? Mine was pretty good.Nothing to crazy.Very pedestrian.Except for the fact that NEW BOOKS HAVE BEEN RELEASING LEFT RIGHT AND CENTRE AND IS MAKING MY UNPREPARED BRAIN HYPERVENTILATE. Any ways getting back to the review.

The second thing that got me really excited was that I finally got a chance to read a book that has been on my TBR since forever. And I finished it in less than two days cause it was so good.And so here I am reviewing it, my eager fingers typing faster than ever.It is ‘Since you’ve been gone’ by Morgan Matson


The story is about a 17 year old girl Emily whose best friend Sloane goes missing at the beginning of summer without leaving any trace.Not answering  any of Emily’s phone calls,emails or  texts, she is in a state of panic.It was always Sloane who pulled her out of her shell, convincing her to do things with an open mind.And with her gone Emily feels lost.

But then she realises she hasn’t left without sending her something.A list. A list of thirteen tasks to do that summer.Thirteen tasks that are way out of her comfort zone.And with the determination that this list could lead Emily back to Sloane,she sets on a life changing experience, opening her eyes on things she never gave a second glance.But for a person ,who was always an introvert and was only recognised because she was friends with a hotshot, will she succeed in doing all thirteen?

Since You've Been Gone Quote 1

The best way to go into this book is to be completely clueless.Only then will you have the chance to be hit with the whirlwind of emotions that are experienced in this book.Seriously though one second I was grinning like a Cheshire cat and the next second I was weeping my heart  out.Even though it was emotional and meaningful, Matson manages to keep the theme light hearted and fun.This kind of writing appeals to a larger audience because for a reader that doesn’t read that many books, they won’t be overwhelmed by the complex ideas and the difficult subject.That’s why authors like Rainbow Rowell and John green have such a big fan base. The framework of the book was not VERY stable but not so wobbly that I felt confused.With contemporaries, you need to have a strong framework other wise the wit and the surprise is kind of lost.But maybe Matson was being a little cheeky and did this on purpose.Maybe she wanted to convey the fact that life does not always go the way we wanted.Sometimes the building blocks DO get a bit wobbly.Looking at it that way makes the idea clever and unique


I liked the idea of it being set in summer (even though I hate summer).The idea seemed a little common to me but the execution was done so beautifully that I had to give mad props to Matson. Turning a overused idea into something unique and nurture it into something incredible is depicted  amazingly in this book.

I wished I had picked this book up in summer since the whole story is has is set during that time.With references like ice cream and beaches, I wished I could go back in time and made more out of my summer rather than sit inside all day reading. Not that it was a bad thing. Just that this book kind of portrayed the outdoor-activities-is-fun sector very strongly.But seeing the good quality of the book, I think any time of the year is perfectly fine



The characters of the book were interesting. But I was not drawn into them like I was for other books. Emily’s and Sloane’s characters were definitely attractive and fun but the secondary  characters like Frank and her other friends seemed a bit clichéd and didn’t quite have that spark. I was really interested in Emily’s parents character and found their scenes very fun and entertaining. But in a way I kind of appreciated the fact that  the other characters didn’t have much spotlight because it was EMILY’S story. All the attention was supposed to be for her character development and how the lit had moulded her into a more open minded person and  confident person. Seeing her on this journey was so heart warming and made me feel emotional since the wood for her fire was just the simple reason of maintaining an incredibly strong bond. Loyalty, determination, and a go-with-your-gut feeling was reflected in a subtle yet powerful manner.

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Now there were definitely some minor faults to the book. Sometimes it felt like it was falling from its original story line and was becoming something that was not really relevant to the plot. I call this the contemporary drift away syndrome. It happens quite often in YA contemporaries and I was not surprised. But I feel that with a few tweaks and rereads this syndrome may drift away ( get it!). I also felt that the book lacked a surprise element. I could predict the ending (kind of) and was not hit with the jaw drop that I was expecting. I was expecting a plot twist. Oh the irony.

But overall I would say it is a must  read for anyone who likes light hearted yet makes you think kind of novels. I strongly suggest reading it with your BFF or just anyone your close to.

I would rate it 4 snow leopards out of 5

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

HAPPY READING!Happy Reading.






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