LONG TIME NO POST!!School has been crazy these past few weeks and who knows if i will even return alive by the time I am done. Anyways how was your week?Any new books?Any suggestions on books?Any thoughts on killing your maths teacher cause I know I definitely had some thoughts but lets keep that a secret.

Getting back to the review, today I am reviewing a contemporary that has been compared to big novels like ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and “Eleanor and Park’ and has really shook the YA contemporary community with its heavy meaning and creative elements.It is ‘all The Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven


This book is definitely not a light hearted read like almost every other YA contemporary/chick flick.I recommend not reading it during mourning period because it will leave you even more depressed (by its awesomeness of course).This book needs to be read with a fresh mind cause it will bring about feelings that you thought never existed.

The story is about a boy named Theodore Finch whose life is a mess.With his impossible family and difficult school life,Theodore has completely given up trying to get his life bacck together.One day he meets Violet Markey in the bell tower of their school.Violet is a girl still healing from past scars of her sisters death.She has lost the true value of life and time and is counting down every moment till she can get out of high school.Both of their paths cross in the strangest ways and soon they find themselves closer than ever before.The story follows both of their journey where the learn things about themselves with the help of the other.They act as puzzle pieces to each others lives.It depicts the real beauty of life and an insight of two confused teenagers in this big,fat and dangerous world.

all the bright places 2


There are so many quotes that can make you look at even the smallest thing in a very unique way.And I have to give props to Niven to make YA novel seem so simple yet have levels and levels of complexity which will take more than one read to discover.Niven has captured the thoughts of a teenager that has had past trauma so perfectly that sometimes when you are reading you forget that these incidents are not happening to you rather to the characters of the book.The writing even though reveals so much of the characters feelings has a layer of haze.The kind of haze that is almost poetic.The kind of haze that can almost lets you decide what the characters are feeling.And I personally love this since I just don’t want to blindly read the characters emotions rather feel them myself and relate to them in a personal level.And Niven showcases this amazingly.My only criticism about her writing would sometimes her content would be too complicated and mature for a YA.Now i didn’t feel this because being a constant reader, my idea of complexity is not as vague as the idea of a seldom reader.A person who does not read much and picks this up from the YA section thinking it would be a simple read would not enjoy the book as much as a constant reader.But that is just a small crack in an otherwise perfect image.But seriously though sometimes the book left me like

all gif

In the best way possible

The story is executed amazingly which is hard to find in a contemporary (*cough* TFIOS)The story line is breathtaking and leaves you exhilarated and the emotions is going to hit you so hard.One moment you will be weeping  and two seconds later you are throwing the book at the wall because Niven is such a troll.Giving us false hope about everything.Please authors be kinder to your readers because we have only a limited space for storing all these fangirling emotions until one day they finally burst.But honestly emotional is one word that the book completes stands up too.So readers beware.

The characters are so…interesting.There is not one dull character in the entire book.Everyone even the minor characters had a story and interesting outlook.And especially Theodore.

Round Lake, Green Lakes State Park, Fayetteville, New York

Round Lake, Green Lakes State Park, Fayetteville, New York

Theodore is one of the most complex characters that i have ever read about.He has so many different layers of emotion that you don’t know what he is going to do next.I found myself anticipating the entire book on how Theodore would react to this situation or that situation and his way of dealing never failed to surprise me.Some might call his attitude ‘difficult’ or ‘impossible’ but I found it puzzling and interesting.His character is really unique and I am very impressed  by Nivens ability to capture the emotions of such a complex character.Violet was also very interesting.I feel Violets character is very relatable  to lot of readers.She has faced pedestrian problems like all of us and just sometimes we also falling to that dark hole never wanting to face the light again.Her determination to bring her life back together towards the end of the book would definitely have inspired many readers

.all small

But what surprised me the most was their incredible chemistry together.I now they say that ‘opposites attract’.It is definitely not a new concept in the book community.But sometimes contemporary authors forget to bring out the little bit they have in common making them seem very incompatible.But Niven made even the most different people seem very alike.Seeing their relationship blossom makes my little heart sing.

all cute

But during times of the book I felt the timing was getting slightly strange and confusing.It takes a while to get used that weird timing but once you get adjusted everything seems fine.The book is easy to get into but I recommend not reading it all at one go as too much of a good thing is not good.Rather savour each moment if the book and really just think.Reflect your thoughts.It is more enjoyable that way.

Nyways i definitely recommend you to read this book if you are mentally stable and don’t have heart issues cause those few words written by a mastermind can bring you immense joy and torturing pain at the same time.

I would rate it 4.8 out of 5 snowleopards



P.S ( not related to book)Does anyone here listen to k-pop?Cause i recently got into it and i would love new kpop song suggestions.If you have not listened to K-pop IT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING ON EARTH AND PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY!

P.P.S-  I started reading Virginia Wolfe novels after reading this novel.Only because of a Thodores and Violets great admiration for her.



3 thoughts on “ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES -JENNIFER NIVEN (snowleopardsarecool)

  1. Nerdybirdy @ Daydreaming Books says:

    Great review! 🙂 I have the ebook, can’t wait to start reading it. (It’s so hard to choose cause I’ve been saying that for every book I have! 😛 )


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